This site will be geared towards trading different companies within the S&P 500 that are known to the trading public. Why the S&P 500? The S&P 500 has become the benchmark of the stock market. It also comprises some one of the biggest and most traded companies in the stock market. If you know which way the S&P 500 is moving then you have a pretty good idea on which way your favorite stock is moving!

I use many charting time frames for my technical analysis, however I only trade the daily time frame. So, my trades can range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Am I a day trader? No. A day trader trades the market several to hundreds times a day and they never hold positions overnight. They look to hold positions for minutes and at most, a couple hours at a time. They also have to sit in front of the computer from market open to market close watching every tick.

What kind of trading do I do? I am a swing trader. I do most of my research and analysis on the stock market when the markets are closed. I am able to view the market in slow motion as you plan and predict what the markets will do from historical and seasonal trends along with technical analysis. I let the charts dictate to me a thesis’s on what way the market will move. I try and figure out where I will have an edge in the markets and wait for those moments to place a disciplined trade with good risk/reward. On average, I trade around 10-15 trades a month so there is a lot of non-trading that takes place in the off time. This is good because there will be days when you don’t trade. You should be able to realize this the night before or early in the day that means you do NOT have to sit in front of your computer.

Welcome to SPY Trading. Where you will learn and follow along as we trade the stock market with passion and discipline.