What Does Apple Stock and The President Have In Common?

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I have been following Apple stock and it seems that it is going through a bottoming phase and may have already put in a bottom, back at $483 a couple of days ago. If you are in the boat that Apple is still a great company and has a positive future then you should be looking for a turn around in this stock at some point.

After some research, I see that Apple went through a similar bottoming process in late 2008 and early 2009. Right around the same time President Obama was elected and it bottomed on his inauguration day January 20th, 2009.

Right now I see the same type of bottoming pattern with a possible low being made January 15th, 2013, a couple of days before the inauguration. Look at the below chart (click to enlarge):

Apple Inauguration

It could be a coincidence but with Apple’s earning coming out this week, this may be the catalyst everyone is looking for so this stock can push higher.

Wednesday October 31st – Trading Alerts!

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Hey – We decided to publicly announce some of our trading alerts that triggered today. Even though we trade based off our proprietary indicators, we still like to give some commentary around what the stock is doing.

Baidu.com (NASDAQ: BIDU) – gapped to the downside after earnings release, didn’t break below neckline support at $106. However, a break below that level we believe can be the start of a decent move downwards.

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) – Continued strength to the upside after Carl Icahn announced an almost 10% stake in the company. Even though the company has had some trouble gaining upside momentum. We believe that the stock still has room to run.

Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) – Research in Motion had great strength today in a very turbulent market as it closed above it’s last 5 trading days ranges. We believe this is the start of an uptrend with a stop loss below 7.50 cent.

Honorable Mentions
Priceline.com (NASDAQ: PCLN) – earnings came out last week and the stock gap up. Today it had some struggles but still stayed above $570. As long as this stock stays above $570, we feel like it can continue upwards.

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. (SE:PAA) – The stock has been roaring higher the past couple months along with it’s stock split at the beginning of October. Right now it looks like the stock is topping out and may start declining.

Markets Closed – Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast and more specifically lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located. As a result, they closed trading for Monday Oct 29th and Tuesday Oct 30th. Trading is be resumed on Wed Oct 31st. Since this is the last couple of days of the quarter a lot of firms really wish the market would have been open but it’s better to save lives than to worry about profits.

Wednesday July 27th – Market Analysis

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Head and Shoulders pattern on the daily looks more promising now that we took a real nose dive today. My proprietary indicators also signaled a down trend on the daily time frame so I am expecting more downside to come from here. The high flying tech stocks took a beating today and after a dead cat bounce, they should go lower as well.

In the near future, a resolution from the debt ceiling could really cause a violent short squeeze but I think that will be faded soon thereafter. Happy trading!

Monday May 16th – Market Analysis

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Good evening! What we just had was a down Friday/down Monday in the stock market. Historically this normally correlates with tops and bottoms. The weekly SPY chart looks to be just starting a down trend and the daily SPY chart is right in the middle of one.

Our next support level that we are looking at is the 50 day MA which is around 132.43. We have been very weak for the past couple of weeks and this week seems to be more of the same. However, I do expect a bounce in the shorter term before we do head lower. Happy Trading.

Sunday Feb 27th – Market Analysis

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Hey Guys, long long time. I know. I really have to be more consistent with blogging about the markets, but when we get in a nice grind higher on low volume with little volatility it really makes me speechless. So I am going to have to learn how to update with no updates if that makes any sense.

This past week we had some pretty decent action as the markets sold off and broke the 20 MA on the Daily S&P charts. It makes one think that we may test the 50 MA. Who knows as Friday seemed to be the start of that grind higher again. Also, Tuesday, is the the 1st day of the month and those have been historically great upside moves. So even though I want more downside action and prepared to take advantage of it…I’m very skep